I really hate writer's block

Makes it very hard to write anything.

So been puttering along, managed to get a bit of cooking done, some cleaning done, a bunch of stuff ready to go to Goodwill, just gotta drop it off.

Been so blocked I haven't been able to take any pictures, tho Saturday we got out to Spring Valley and I got some good ones. The lake is frozen over and there were folk out on it fishing. Braver folk then I. Still have to process the photos so I can post them.

Saturday we also had a friend change the oil in the car and he figured out why the cruise control had stopped working. Seems a little hose had unhooked, so hubby now has his cruise control back and is very happy.

Cooked a pork roast yesterday, so we have roast pork for meals this week.

Been selling a lot of post cards and 1 t-shirt thru my Zazzle shop of late. The funny part of it is they have been some of my Groundhog day designs and all have been bought after Groundhog Day has come and gone:

They've all been bought by people who live in southern states, think they may be a little miffed about the groundhog's predictions this year?


I do need to get back into designing things, this writer's block has REALLY screwed everything up.