All in all, not a bad weekend

Tho still too short. Could have used a couple more days, esp to sleep.

Mostly puttered. We'd planned on going up to Coeur d'Alene for the Huckleberry Online blogfest on Saturday, but had to cancel at the last minute. Bummer. Oh well, there is always next year.

Dropped a pile of stuff off at the Sally Ann, so that is now out of the living room.

Did a little bit of shopping, hit Ross and picked up a new set of sheets using the gift card my aunt gave us for Christmas. They are bright red and made of jersey fabric. Wonderfully comfy. We'll have to pop back in and get another set.

The we hit Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a new probe thermometer. I keep killing the probes and it is next to impossible to get replacements that you don't spend more on the shipping & handling then the cost of the probe. Used up the gift card from my mom. I love gift cards, we'd gotten an angled 4 cup Oxo measuring cup on the card previously.

I love gift cards :)

Good race yesterday, congrats Jimmy! Seriously bummed tho Jeff and Jr had problems, but there are still more races in the season.

Hit Super China for lunch yesterday, so needless to say we weren't terribly hungry for dinner. So I made some tuna salad using a bit of Dijon mustard, salad dressing, green onions and a bit of the Penzey's Mural of Flavor spice I like. Paired with some trisket type crackers and it made a great light dinner while watching the race. Have to look at stocking up on more tuna fish, pretty handy to have on hand.

Didn't get much else done this weekend besides some laundry and dishes. We did finally lay our hands on a can of the Oxyclean Foamtastic stuff. We've been waging battle on the built up crud on the bathtub and not having much luck. Saw this stuff advertised a couple months ago and finally found a store that sells it locally. Almost works as advertised. Of course we have a serious build up on the tub as I mentioned, so we had to spray the stuff on, let it sit for quite a while and then tackle it with a scrub brush, then repeat a couple of times. I think once we get it clean, the spray will work as advertised (spray, wipe, no scrubbing). One nice thing about it, it stays where you spray it, some of the other products we tried which ran all over the place and made a big mess (and really didn't touch the build up).

Still need to re-do the caulking around the tub and put the new trim on. Also need to get some linoleum glue and lay down some linoleum we got from the neighbors. The current floor in the bathroom is horrendous and I am so wanting it gone.

So much home repairs/remolding to do, so little time and money...sigh!