WOOT! WOOT!!! Happy restaruant news alert!

Hubby called a while ago to tell me Tam's Place over in Pullman will be opening for dinner Tuesday-Saturdays starting Feb 12th.


We can't always get over there for lunch or breakfast, so opening for dinner is a very good thing!

Weekend was way too short. We went down to Lewiston/Clarkston for some shopping. Hit Effie's for lunch. Split the New Effie burger and fries. Seriously happy tummies afterwards, it had been a while since we've had lunch there.

Hit the Dangerous Store to see if they had an off brand battery for our cordless drill, no luck, tho we stocked up on butane for my stove top burner, so we are good there. Then Costco for kitty food, chicken and cheese. Back to Lewiston and the Cash and Carry for gravy and sauce packets, ended up walking out with a frozen Cyrus O'Leary's eggnog cream pie while we were at it and then the Grocery Outlet for cheeses. Scored on some Camembert and Brie and picked up a nice chunk of Danish Blue. Also picked up a couple packages of frozen hash brown potato patties, they are great for a quick side dish for meals.

Weather was fun on Saturday, it had snowed Friday night and was sort of snowing when we headed to Lewiston, add in fog and driving was fun. I am so glad I wasn't the one driving, fog makes me REALLY nervous.

Sunday was fairly low key, slept in (at least I did), got up and had coffee. Hubby was still trying to get the EC hooked up properly, ended up calling R who came over. So he worked on it for a while and finally left a bit frustrated. They've almost got it right, but not quite.

Breakfast/lunch was a bit late as I didn't get around to starting anything until R left. I broke out the electric griddle and slicked it with bacon grease and then cooked up some hash brown patties, then heated up some thick cut ham slices, eggs and assembled them all with cheese and hollandaise to make Potatoes Benedict. Very yummy.

Dinner last night was some chicken thighs I seasoned with minced garlic, the Penzey's Mural of Flavor and Parmesan cheese. I thawed and heated up the last of the mashed potatoes I put up turkey day week and that made a nice meal. Lunch of leftovers is going to be yummy.

Puttered a bit int he living room, got a lot put away. Managed a couple loads of laundry and dishes. So not a totally unproductive weekend LOL.