Looking forward to the weekend :D

So, we now have Time-Warner cable and internet. So far, so good. Internet is WAY faster then when on Verizon, so happy there.

VERY unhappy with Windoz 7 which keeps screwing up the new modem (grrrrr!). Hubby is working on it. He is rapidly going from "Windows 7 doesn't suck!" to "Windows 7 SUCKS!!!!!!". He's been hanging out on some boards where other folk have been having the same problems he's been having and hopefully someone will come up with solutions.

Living room is a mess right now. The cable guy had to punch a hold thru the north side wall to run the cable in. We'd forgotten where the cable was in the living room (we'd dumped it years back) and I have a vague recollection it came up from under the carpet along the south wall somewhere. Hubby thinks he cut it off flush to get it out of the way. So our sofa bed is now halfway out into the living room until we finish putting the wall plate back on and cleaning up the carpet under it.

We are looking at getting rid of the sofa bed, it sits right over the one heating vent in the floor and takes up a LOT of room on that one wall. I'm thinking putting in some book/DVD shelves and getting a couple of nice chairs for people to sit on that won't take up so much room. We have the futon for a guest bed. I was thinking keeping the sofa and getting rid of the futon, but the futon is better on our backs then the sofa. So we'll see.

If we do ditch the sofa, we'll have to take it apart to get it out. We had to take it apart to get it in because it is so heavy and VERY awkward to get thru our front door. Whoever designed this place never took into account people would want to move in big pieces of furniture. Our front door opens right into the front closet, so we have a nasty angle to get around to get large objects thru the door.

Of course now that I am thinking of getting rid of the couch, I am getting the urge to re-do the whole living room or at least paint. But that will have to wait until summer so I can move stuff outside to do so. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the carpet, either replace it with new or lay down flooring and get a nice large area rug. Tho new carpeting would probably be best bet for keeping the place warm. Need to paint the ceiling too.

Ah well, projects for later, I still have to finish painting the outside.