Blurble :P

It is going to be a LOONNNNGGGGG day. Hubby had a cat scan this morning, so our day started at 4:30 am since he had to drink the berry barium smoothie stuff before hand.

It is very, very dark and cold at 4:30 am.


Got up, kicked the heat on (I have it set to go down to 60 overnight), hopped into the shower and then vegged on the couch with a cup of tea. Didn't have the brain cells up and running to attempt the coffee maker, I could at least nuke tea. Hubby started drinking his stuff, he had two containers of it to get thru before the scan.

His appointment was for 8 am, so we got there a bit early to check in and then settled in to wait. Figured we would be there a while since medical appointments always never happen on time.

He got called in pretty quickly and was in and out by 8:45, which was very surprising. While I was waiting I popped into the cafe there to see about a bagel and coffee. No bagels on Mondays, so it was coffee.


They have Starbucks coffee and it is even fouler then usual (if that is possible) and even two packets of creamer and two packets of sugar couldn't make it palatable. So we hit Sister's Brew and I got my bagel and cream cheese and a chocolate latte. I REALLY needed that latte. Hubby got a mocha and when he dropped me off at work, handed me the mocha saying I was going to need it. I certain did, tho I don't think there is enough caffeine in the world at the moment that will keep me going for the day.

So, really loving our internet connection, have had no problems with it so far. Speeds are great and I watched two episodes of season two of Dexter on Saturday and had no dropouts at all. So very nice.

Cable on the other hand....... spent a very frustrating weekend dealing with it. There is no manual for how to program anything, they do have a FAQ online which doesn't help much, esp if you are running Firefox on Linux. Their &^%^$# site is pretty much Exploder only. Not helpful at all. Kinda of stumbled my way thru things and got some stuff up and running.

Plus the interface sucks big time. As much problems as we've had with DISH equipment, at least the interface is friendly and it came with a manual. Dish also told you how much record time you had left on the DVR, T-M only tells you what percentage you've used. Doesn't help a whole lot.

NOT to mention, we think we got a crap cable/DVR box. I have no idea why, but for some reason companies seem to think we should get the equipment that craps out as soon as we get it. Hubby got a hold of T-M this morning and they were going to re-set it and we'll see how it goes. But I kept trying to record Say Yes to the Dress on TLC HD this weekend and it kept recording Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo!!!!!!! Said Say Yes to the Dress on TLC HD on the info, it was Bravo that was on playback. We set up a test of another show on TLC HD and it again recorded Bravo. So something is royally fucked.

So we will see. The other thing we dislike is there is no 30 second jump forward button on playback. That is something we seriously rely on for skipping thru commercials and we are already missing it. Plus there is no closed captioning on some of the On Demand shows we were checking out (1st episode of Demons from BBC America), not to mention, when they had a brief commercial break during Demons, the volume on the commercial was deafening. So VERY not good.

The video quality on the On Demand was also not good. We watched episode 2 of Demons I'd recorded on the regular BBC America channel and it was so much better, got close captioning AND the volume levels going into the commercials was good.

Not sure how much longer Time-Warner cable is going to last, hubby was ready to go back to Dish on Saturday. We do have a 30 day money back if we do decide to dump T-M, so we'll give it a few days to see if things fix themselves and we can learn to live with it. The only real advantage of T-M over Dish program-wise is T-M has Northwest Cable News and Smithsonian HD, both of which we've lived without this long and won't really miss if we go back. We'll see.

On the redecorating front, the futon is now dismantled and we are considering taking it further apart and turning it into a new entertainment center. The sofa bed is where the futon used to be and I've got some old pillows stuffed under the cushions to build it up. I've got more pillows I can use and then cover the whole thing with an old bedspread to hopefully make it look better. Hadn't planned on that, as mentioned in the last post, but the weather is such we can't put the sofa outside until it freecycled and thinking about the logistics of taking it apart if it did get freecycled decided to go this route. We'll freecycle the mattress we had on the futon. The actual futon mattress is on our bed as a topper and we'd saved the mattress from the old sofa bed and folded it on to the futon.

I must say, even with the futon still in the living room, albeit in pieces, we have a lot more room. Still have to put some stuff away. Need to see about shelves and then once we get the futon to EC done, get a couple of chairs so we have seating for guests.