So cold the fog is crystallizing and falling.

Looking bright and cheery here at work, lights and decorations have been going up the last couple of days and the tree in the break room is decorated.

Staff lounge Christmas tree 2009

Have to start looking at putting up decorations at home. I do have one string of LED lights that never got taken down in the living room, so I hauled out an extension cord and plug them back in the other day. Going to get some serious cleaning done this weekend so I can haul out the boxes of stuff and then the annual problem of where am I going to put a tree.

Got a bit creative with dinner last night. We scored some boneless chicken breasts at Safeway for $1.99 a pound. So I took one package and butterflied the breasts and then flattened them. I seasoned them with Italian seasoning, sprinkled on some 10 year old balsamic vinegar and topped it all off with cream of mushroom soup, not liquid added. Baked and served on some yummy sesame seed kaiser rolls from Safeway (I LOVE their bakery) for a quick, easy dinner. Lunch today is leftover chicken with some potato pancakes from the other night.

Italian herbed chicken in mushroom sauce with potato pancakes