There is something seriously wrong if the curtains are blowing in the wind and the window is closed and sealed up :P


Currently 20F with a wind chill of 2F and the temps are supposed to get colder today. The wind is fierce, popped out to get something from the car, had to retrieve the plywood lid for the utility trailer as it made a run for it. By the time I replaced it and strapped it down and got the stuff out of the car my fingers were froze.

Supposed to get even colder the next few days.

Need to finish duct taping around that insert in the window and put up a heavier curtain, it is the window right behind the fish tank, so we REALLY don't want cold leaking in there. I do have some reflectix on the tank facing the window, but that only can go so far in keeping the heater in the tank from over working.

Been puttering around a bit, got some dishes done yesterday and some of the living room picked up. Did bring in the heat dragon from the shed. Need to finish cleaning it up with the shop vac (got a bit of dust and such from being in the shed) and it is set and ready to go to help with the heating, esp if we lose power any time. It is a very good heat dragon.

Currently listening to Radio Margaritaville on the DISH and hoping that the music will make it feel warmer LOL. Have to get a vaporiser going here in the living room and get the humidity up some. As much as the fish tank evaporates, it doesn't add that much humidity.

I think I will get a pork roast thawing and in the oven for a slow roast. Not only will that give us meat for a few meals, it will help heat up the kitchen. We do have a big pot of tea done, so warm drinks are handy for when we need them.

Off to finish sealing windows, do some more dishes and laundry and drink LOTS more hot tea.