Me and my faux snuggie

Me and my faux snuggie

Picked up a knock-off snuggie at Rite Aid on Saturday, they had them for $8 as opposed to the $14 for the real thing. So I had to get the zebra stripped one, I now match the throw pillows on the couch LOL.

So, currently home sick, Guess who pick up a bit of the flu :P Friday night I ended up going to bed wearing woolly socks, sweats and a fleece shirt with the electric blanket on high. My temps have been up and down all weekend. Thanks to the snuggie I've been fairly comfy on the couch, tho the couch could be more comfortable. Thank goodness for hot toddies with whiskey or White Christmas, the couch may be uncomfy, but I don't care LOL.

Rum Tum is a VERY happy kitten, it's been snowing quite a bit and he's been in and out playing.

Got my results from last week's blood draw this morning, everything is doing good, so just need to check in again in 3 months. Do need to up my calcium intake, it was a bit low. I take supplements since I don't do a lot of milk, have to see what else has calcium since I don't like getting my source from just one place.

Now waiting for hubby to bring home pizza.