Goodby 2009, Hello 2010

BTW, it ISN'T the end of the decade, that won't happen until we get to the end of 2010, when the new decade starts in 2011. The media has a problem realising things like that, just like the new millennium didn't start until 2001. But it is still a good time to party LOL.

We'll be going to a friend's for the evening, not only for New Year's, but a blue moon. It will be a very nice evening. Still have to figure out what I will be taking food-wise.

It's been a very nice week off, I've been puttering a bit, but also getting a LOT of rest. I think I am finally over the crud, tho the cough comes and goes, usually as soon as I go to bed.

Weather has definitely warmed up, our thermometer is currently reading 34F outside. We have a little bit of new snow, but not as much as they had been predicting, which is fine by me since I don't want a repeat of the last couple winters LOL.