Day 2 of the cold weather and I am wearing gloves at work

BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! A wee bit chilly in the building today. Got a long sleeved sweater on, a fleece vest and gloves and I am still cold :P

Have to find my nice wool gloves, they are warm, but thin enough to make typing easier.

So got the south windows sealed up as best as possible, there are at least three layers of cloth over them, along with plastic or the inserts. Thank goodness for the full spectrum florescent bulbs or else I would get suicidal with no daylight coming into the living room.

The pork roast came out nicely, once it was finally done. It was still a bit frozen when it went in the oven and took forever to cook. I may have to do a temp check on the oven since it should have cooked faster then it did. Since I had a fasting blood draw this morning dinner for me ended up being a couple nuked ham and cheese hot pocket thingies since the roast wasn't going to be done until well after 8pm. So hubby got some nice roast pork sandwiches last night for dinner. I'll get to have my pork dinner tonight after aqua fitness class.

SOOOOO looking forward to the spa at the therapy center tonight. They finally got it fixed last week and it is nice to slide in before and after class. Wish I could take it home with me LOL!

Spent a bit of time on Facebook this weekend, reconnected with an old high school friend. Looking forward to catching up with him.

Didn't get any decorating done, the cold outside made it more conducive to sitting on the couch watching Pink Panther movies, drinking hot tea and surfing the net. I did get some things done so I don't feel too guilty about not doing as much as I'd planned.

Blood draw went fine, managed to drink enough water the last few days to keep my veins from disappearing in the cold. he needle only stung for a couple moments and she was able to get enough blood out we didn't need to keep it in for very long. So I get the results next Monday.

My Pandora quick mix is now heavy on the Christmas music, I'll probably have it all Christmas music in about a week.