AUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! whimper

The good news is the aches had gone away, I managed to get to work on Wednesday. Bad news is, I keep spiking a temp and I'm off work again today.


Hubby is out and about, he'll pick up more OJ and lemon-lime soda and bring me some mac and cheese in the blue box. I am in serious need of comfort food. I like Malto-meal, but it just doesn't do it as well as mac and cheese in the blue box.

Getting ready to watch Dexter, we have it on instant play on Netflix. We got Colour of Magic and Hogfather on disc, we watched the first part of Colour of Magic last night, we'll watch the rest and Hogfather later. Nothing like a bit of Terry Pratchett to cheer one up (esp after a Dexter marathon LOL).

At least the weather is not bad, last year this time we were several feet in snow. Rain I can handle.