Serious Yummage!

delicata squash

So popped a delicata squash in the oven last night. Went simple, just cut it in half, scooped the seeds and baked it in a pan with a bit of water. When it was almost done (using the fork test) I put in some butter to melt and then dug in.

(insert Homer Simpson drooly here)

I don't think the rest of the squash is going to see the end of the week. I might even try and get the hubby to try some, he didn't feel like any last night, but I think he missed out since I plan on being very greedy and say it is MINE! MINE! ALL MINE!!!!!!! LOL! I'll try some with a bit of sesame oil baked on and go from there. Will definitely be saving seeds to plant this spring so I can have LOTS of my own to have over winter.

Feeling a bit stiff and sore this morning, tho not as badly as last week. The pool was nice and toasty last night and the hot tub even toastier. We are lobbying for a Friday 6:30 class. Apparently there hadn't been much interest previously, but they would have at least two people (me and hubby) if they would have one.

Hubby wasn't up for a big dinner last night, so I made him some ramen with dried sweet onions and surimi. Which I promptly spilled on him when I handed it to him. Avoided a bad burn, but we had a serious mess on the floor and the end of the couch. Made him more and managed to give it to him without incident. I had the aforementioned squash and baked some homemade chicken nuggets.

Chilly but nice out today. Frost on the car this morning, but that was pretty much gone by the time I got to work (hubby isn't feeling great so I drove in). Hope he is feeling better tomorrow since I hate driving myself, I like being chauffeured LOL.
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