Monday again

and I am giving serious consideration of investing in steel wool because the itching on my legs is getting unbearable, even with the lotion I am using.

Hormonal shifts again and I am breaking out in hives. Luckily this time it isn't head to toe, more like hips to toe. Tho I had a bit in the middle of my back last night. So popping Evening Primrose oil and I've got my Dermarest lotion and that is helping. Still want to scratch, but I am fighting it.

Picked up some gel heel cups yesterday. The feet are feeling a lot better. Wasn't too sure about the cups, since they are totally different from the ones I'd had previously (those were more of a solid, flexible plastic), but they seem to be working. No where near the pain levels I was in on Saturday when I was running around in the tennie runners.

So the Keister Sauce got made yesterday, we've about a gallon of it. We'll repackage some of it to give to friends. I don't have as many jars as I thought I did, I guess I dehydrated more garden stuff last year then I thought and haven't used it all up. I made a pork loin roast for dinner last night with some hash brown patties on the side. The sauce was very yummy on both.

Gotta start thinking about turkey day dinner. I'll look at getting most of the sides done this weekend. I'm thinking I'll be working on Monday and Tuesday since my mom won't be coming this year (she'll be flying to LA to stay with my aunt) and I don't want to do a lot on the Wednesday before. I like having that day to not do much before the big day. Will have our friend J over for dinner, maybe have him bring some games.