It's officially winter

Not only did I put on a jacket with sleeves, I also wore regular shoes instead of my Crocs.

I hurt now :(

My tennie runners don't really have any support and I think I am developing tendinitis in my heels and achillies tendons, so walking is starting to get a bit painful. So it is OTC anti-inflammatory time (have to figure which is best, ibuprofen or acetaminophen) and start considering getting some heel cups, which is what the doc prescribed way back when when I developed it the first time. I'd stick with the Crocs, but with snow and wet weather, they just aren't going to do.

So we hit Lewiston for some shopping. Picked up a big roll of reflective insulation at Home Despot so we can seal up hubby's office window and put some in the little kitchen window. Rather then using the shrink wrap there, the reflectix will let me be able to look out on sunny days when I am doing dishes, just have to pull it back and VOILA! Window!

Not much of a selection of cheeses at the Grocery Outlet. Only came back with a bit of Wensleydale (been wanting to try it since I first saw Wallace and Grommit) and a chunk of Parmesan. Was really hoping for some goat cheese and some more blue cheese. Ah well, that is the nature of the Outlet, so fingers crossed for next time.

Rum Tum is a VERY happy kitten, he's been out playing in what snow we got. He will be upset since we are supposed to warm up some and the snow will go away. But here is what it looked like this morning:

First snow 2009

First snow 2009

So a bit of snow. It did melt off a bit while we were gone as it clouded up and got a bit warmer, but there still was plenty when we got back. As long as I don't have to shovel it I am fine.

We did pizza from Pizza Perfection last night, the two-fer take out special, so we have leftovers for dinner tonight. Got a nice pot of tea going and we've everything we need for Keister Sauce, so just need to finish straightening up the kitchen so they have room to make it.