The day after

Had a very nice turkey day. Our friend J came over with Talisman and anime and we watched the anime, then had dinner and then played Talisman. Evening ended about 11:30 pm.

Wednesday I worked on the kitchen. I didn't get as much done as I had planned on, about 2ish I started feeling punky, so took a 2 hour nap. I'd planned on having the living room started, but I figured the best I was going to get was finally getting the pies done.

I still had the leftover lamb, so for Wednesday dinner I made a roux and then a gravy with the leftover lamb juice and then cut up the roast, tossed that into the gravy and then served it over twisty noodles. VERY yummy!

Got one pie baked and the other in the deep freeze to be baked at a later date.

Yesterday I got up, turned on the parade for background noise and got started on the stuffing. I melted a couple cubes of butter, added poultry seasoning and sage, then onions, celery with leaves and coarsely chopped up water chestnuts, along with a cup of mead. I then cubed up two loaves of wheat bread, 2 loaves of white, a loaf of French bread and a bunch of potato rolls. Added the wet ingredients and mixed it all up.

Pulled the bird out of the fridge, removed the neck and giblets and washed it. Into the roaster is went, then I stuffed the bird on both ends. Shot it up with mead and sprinkled it with poultry spice. Flipped it breast side down, added a cube of butter and mead to the roasting pan and into the oven it went.

Was still to tired to clean, luckily J is an old friend from college, so has seen my place at its worse, so it was no big deal.

Pre-dinner snack was black olives, celery, cream cheese, Co-Jack and Wensleydale cheese. Been wanting to try Wensleydale ever since seeing Wallace and Gromit, so was happy to find some at the Grocery Outlet.

YUM!!!!!!! Will have to get more if I get the chance.

I simmered the neck and giblets (sans liver, that I chopped up and left for the kitties) so I would have plenty of liquid for the gravy. The bird was ready pretty much on time, so I pulled it out to rest and went to work on the gravy. Made a slurry of milk and flour and poured that into the roaster and then added the liquid. Didn't have to add any additional seasoning, the gravy was perfect.

I'd pulled the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes from the freezer earlier in the day to start thawing and tossed those in the microwave to heat up. A can of cranberry jelly, keister sauce, butter and the potato rolls rounded out dinner.

Hubby was in serious turkey heaven.

The carcass is stripped and in the freezer, I'll make stock at a later date. The dressing I baked after the bird came out is in the freezer, the meat I stripped off the carcass is in the fridge, as is the gravy, mashed potatoes and the sweet potatoes. We've plenty of rolls and bread for sandwiches and such. I'm planning on potato pancakes for the leftover mashed potatoes.

Hubby started getting a sore throat last night and still has it this morning. I've go a scratchy throat and feel like ick. Luckily no fever, so will take it easy today, get the dishes done and think about working on the living room. Neither of us is going anywhere today.

Cold and rainy out, so a good day to not do a whole heck of a lot LOL.