Anyone else think

that pool noodles are rather, um, hmmmm, not sure how to put it.....creepy? Here is a floaty device you put between your legs and float around the pool on that looks very, very weird.

Fun tho :D We never really used them in deep water aqua fitness class and they came out LONG after I took swimming lessons (when were they invented?), but have been using them in the aqua fitness classes I am going to now.

Speaking of aqua fitness class.....OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My knees are hurting less for the most part, but the rest of me is now complaining. I'm definitely finding muscles I haven't used in a while. We are still lobbying for a Friday night 6:30 pm class, but any decisions on that will have to wait until after the remodel.

Since I'd saved the chicken and noodles from Sunday night, dinner last night was very easy. Just popped it int he microwave and voila! Dinner. Hubby had been wanting Nachos Grande, but since I didn't feel like going to the store after class and then cooking, we'll have them either tonight or tomorrow.

Gearing up to make Keister Sauce. Hubby got a hold of our friend B and she'll come over this weekend so they can make some. He wants to do a huge batch so there will be LOTS. So I need to figure out what we have and what we will need. We are good on garlic and sesame seeds and roasted sesame oil. I think we are okay on yellow mustard, have to check. We will need more butter and definitely honey. I hope I have enough jars.

They are predicting the "s" word for tomorrow. I hope not, I am SOOOOOO not ready to deal with it yet. It can snow over Christmas break and then it HAS to go away. I really don't want a repeat of the last two years, not to mention a late spring. I have plans for my garden and I need spring to be here on time, if not early.