Serious YUM!!!

Finally tried out the Chana Masala spice sent by Dame Janus. I'd soaked some chickpeas over night on Saturday so I had plenty to work with yesterday.

Chana Masala with chicken

I made enough that I had plenty to bring for lunch (actually I brought enough for two days lunch, so I'm good for at least another day this week of not having to fall back on toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch LOL). I'd made some soft pita bread last night, so it makes a nice addition for lunch:

Chana Masala with pita bread

I made humus with some of the chickpeas and then set aside some to make turmeric chick and chickpeas later on in the week. Have to restock my pantry tho, used up the last of the chickpeas I had.

Didn't get out to finish painting, was way too windy. So instead we pulled the AC in the bedroom and got it into the shed and the inserts into the house. So we are now most of the way winterized. Just need to finish sealing up a couple smaller windows and redoing the weather stripping on the front door.

Fairly low key weekend, tho we did make it down to Lewiston for a bit of shopping and gassing up the car. Laid in more olive oil, Costco had a good price on 5 liters for about $19. Didn't have much luck at the Grocery Outlet, not a real good selection of cheeses, tho I picked up a bit of Parmesan and scored 1 lb of unsalted Irish butter for $2.99.

Emptied the rain barrel and I need to turn it over for the winter. Next year I want to build a platform so it will sit higher and I can water my plants that sit on the shelves I put up on the outside of the porch. Still need to get the rest of the outside ready for winter.
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