Serious Snerkage!

If you haven't heard, Ralph Lauren got slammed for the photoshopping (and BADLY photoshopped) image of one of his models, Filippa Hamilton.

So Ralphy boy and company apologized for the bad photoshop, but then then someone in Australia spotted this window ad.


This all on top of Ralphy boy firing Fillipa for being too fat! Of course he says it was over contract problems, but when an already very thin model (at 5' 10" and 120 lbs her BMI falls below WHO levels of "normal" BMI, but does wear a size 4) is told she is to big fit into his size zero clothes, we can see who is talking out to the side of his mouth. He is obviously an untalented hack if he can't design a dress in slightly larger sizes.

Now The Reg out of England has weighed in (pun fully intended) on the incredibly shrinking fashion model front with their own version called "Skinny Fit" fashion.

Can't wait to see if the Reg comes out with more.
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