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Moscow Idaho Zombie Walk Food supply drive

We are definitely going to participate. I'll be bringing Ms Ella along and see about getting LOTS of pictures and footage. This is a great idea for collecting food and money for the food bank and also supplies and money for the animal shelter.

Now I just need to figure out how to zombiize Ms Ella. Definitely shredded and bloody clothing, just have to figure out the rotting flesh. I think we still have some liquid latex, so I can see about making strips of flesh we can attach to her tusks to make it look like she's been munching people hehehehe

Zombie elephant!!!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we now have upgraded to HD TV.


Some channels we'll stick with regular signal, like Comedy Central. We only have a limited amount of HD recording time (30 some hours or so) and we want to save that space for things like races and movies and hour blocks of The Daily Show and Colbert Report take up a lot of room. Don't need those in HD anyhow. We have at least 180 hours of regular recording space, so that will be fine. The receiver we got can be hooked up to an external hard drive, just gotta pay an extra 1 time fee, tho I think the amount of the fee is outrageous. We'll think about it. In the meantime, really enjoying things like "Dirty Jobs" in Hi Def, now with EXTRA grossness LOL.

Finally warmed up and is rainy. So far it looks like my sealing job on the swamp cooler is working. We put up plastic int he hallway just in case, but things were dry this morning. So I am happy (fingers crossed and knock on wood). Still have to see how things go when it is raining with a driving wind. That is usually when things really start leaking. At least I got rid of the hallway carpet as a bare floor is easier to get water up off of and it generally doesn't mold like carpeting does.

Roasted a pork loin for dinner last night for pork sandwiches. Came out perfectly, nice and juicy and done just right. Some bread, a bit of cheese and Miracle Whip (or mayo in hubby's case) and dinner was easy. Will look at split pea soup for dinner tonight, maybe with some grilled cheese sandwiches, tho not sure as yet what else to have with it. I still have the pita bread I made. I popped those in the freezer since there is no preservatives in it. Might take a couple out, pop them in the microwave to thaw and maybe cut them open and pop some butter in. We'll see.

Finally got Pandora working again. Seems it REALLY doesn't like Internet Exploder, at least the newest version. When I originally signed up, Pandora didn't like working on a browser that had Ad Block, so I used Exploder. Well, eventually I was lucky if I could get Pandora to play one song before it puked. I guess they dealt with the not working with AD Block problem as I hve had no problems the last few days running it on Firefox with Ad BLock on.


So now I have lots of music to listen to. I liked listening to my country station out of Red Deer AB Canada, but I was getting too cold listening to their weather reports LOL Bad enough they are colder then we are but they were reporting in Celcius so it makes it sound even COLDER!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR

But with Pandora I can get a station with the Canadian country artists I like, such as Corb Lund along with Canadian folk singers, so I am a very happy camper.
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