Survived the weekend

Friday I had circle and had an enjoyable time. Good food, good friends and good rit. It was a very nice in the circle down by the pond.

Since it was on a Friday night, I didn't get home until 9:30, so Friday was a bit of a long day. We'd hit the grocery store so I could pick up something to take and then hubby dropped me off so I could catch a lift out. Okay, granted I had got it into my brain that rit was at their house, I had forgotten completely we were doing it elsewhere. Worked out okay since hubby wasn't up for socializing as his back was going out again and he needed to go home and rest.

Saturday we popped out early to pick up lasagna fixin's as we had a friend coming over for dinner that night. I had the noodles and some homemade canned tomato sauce I was gifted with last year, but needed the cheeses, ground beef and other odds and sods. Winco had a 10 lb tube of ground beef on for $1.67 a pound and the one I grabbed had a $3 off coupon, so we scored. I divvied it up and most of it went into the deep freeze. If I'd had the time I would have made seasoned burger patties, but that will be another weekend and with luck another good score on ground beef.

One nice thing about having friends over, gives us incentive to get the house clean LOL. So got the living room, kitchen and bathroom presentable. Hubby focused on the bathroom, I got the kitchen and we both worked on the living room. He also vacuumed and considering our vacuum is dying, quite a chore.

I also got back up on the roof and finished caulking and snow coating the seams on the swamp cooler. I really hope it is sealed now. Supposed to rain later this week, so we'll see.

We had a lovely dinner and evening visiting.

Sunday we'd planned on going fishing, but we were a bit wiped, so decided to try for next weekend. Good thing to, discovered the carpet under the fish tank was soaking wet. Best we can tell is the filter was either leaking or pushing water over the top. The tanks is okay, thank goodness. So we put down a lot of towels to soak up the water and pulled the filter. Hubby will look at it and see about decalcifying it to see if that is part of the problem. Luckily I just have the White Cloud Minnows, Neon Betas and the one Siamese algae eater, so they will do okay for a couple of days with just the air stone bubbling away.

For a Sunday household crises, it wasn't too bad.

Hubby had a hankering for crab cakes, so I made some using faux crab. Came out pretty yummy. Tonight I will try a recipe I found on the net using canned tuna. We still have some salad mix left from Saturday's dinner to pair it with to make a nice dinner.

All in all, not a bad weekend. Got a bit accomplished and a lot of rest. Granted I also ended up in tears watching the race. When Joey's car started tumbling I lost it. I couldn't watch the replays as I kept bursting into tears. I was so glad to see him get out of the car and walk to the ambulance under his own power. Thank the Ghodz for all the safety features NASCAR requires. That crash could have been a lot worse otherwise. I was very happy to see Jimmy win, so next week either Jeff or Junior can win, then the week after the other and then Mark, then Jimmy and Jeff and so on LOL!
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