Super Duper SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

I was expecting red at the most, but BLUE!!!!


Got comments on both. The one of Nick the dog said "Good. Eyes need more light. How?" and the other was "WOW! Great!".

So not bad considering I was up against people with real cameras and a lot more experience.

I never did get to the fair, except yesterday to get my photos. Friday night we decided to stay in and Saturday we ended up to exhausted to do more then pop out to get groceries and then watch the previous weeks race.

I did get a bit more ambitious yesterday, I actually made it on top of the roof. I don't like ladders and it is not the height I am scared of, it is the sudden stop at the bottom. But up on the roof I got and got most of the swamp cooler sealed off with caulking and snow coat. Also hosed off the roof and next week we'll get back up again and see about snow coating as much as we can and that will be done.

Friday night did not end too well. About midnight I discovered the deep freeze door ajar and a goodly amount of food thawed. So we had to bin about 1/3 of the freezer contents. Luckily it was packed enough a lot of meats were still cold and in some cases, still frozen. I was upset, hubby says these things happen. He think he may have been the one to not get the door shut properly.

So I lost everything on the door and whatever was at the front. Lost quite a few ham bones that were destined for soups, some pork, a couple pounds of hamburger and lots of turkey stock.


Saturday we picked up some ice and I pulled everything that was left in the freezer out, tossed some things that had been in there too long, put everything else in a couple bins with the ice and some ice packs and then shut of the freezer to thaw and finished getting it cleaned out.

I have to say, there is a lot more room in there and I did find a few things I'd forgotten about that will make good dinners really, really soon. But this isn't the way I wanted to get the deep freeze cleaned out and inventoried. I usually like to do it in December when I can stash stuff out on the porch and not be in a panic while doing it.

Got down to 34F this morning. We'd closed up the house and had the kitties in (which meant no new mice, YAY!!!! and the demise of the one they'd let loose earlier) and had to turn the furnace on. Even hubby had gotten cold. I'm hoping my tomatoes are okay, I didn't get out to get them covered and remembered it too late. SO fingers crossed they are okay and will finish ripening with the up coming warm weather.

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