Well, it's a start

FINALLY got started on painting the house on Saturday. Borrowed an extension ladder, hubby got the paint sprayer set up and so I finally got going late Saturday:


The paint had separated over the year since I bought it and I was confronted with the bright magenta color when I first opened the bucket. It took me a while to get it mixed, but I managed:

That's better

I decided to start on the back end and after a couple test sprays on the back of the shed, started in:


It's a start

The brick color is SOOOOOOOOOO much nicer then the faded avocado green. I was able to get the back end done and most of the north side before I ran out of light and the sprayer got cranky. I had planned on finishing at least the north side, the east end with the kitchen windows and what I could on the south side, but by the time I was done Saturday night I was in screaming pain. I'll finish things up next weekend and then start deciding what color to paint the trim. I do know I want to go around all the windows in black.

So not a whole heck of a lot got done on Sunday.

We did manage some grocery shopping, tho I resorted to the cane for puttering about. The tendons in the back of my knees have tighten up and make walking a bit difficult. I hate ladders and having to go up and down them so much. I would have liked to have had some kind of scaffolding, but oh well. Gotta work with what I can get my hands on.

Picked up the makings for snausage rolls:


We'd recorded the Bristol race on Saturday, so we had the snausage rolls to nosh on while watching the race on Sunday. Planned on doing burgers and fries for dinner Sunday night, but we were to wiped out from the rest of the weekend, we called the snausage rolls and some chips good and went to bed early after the race.

So it is now Monday and the students are back. Pretty much hit the ground running once I got to work, tho I did have time on the way in to get a couple pics of a critter hanging out on the loading dock out back:

Another little brown bat

Another little brown bat

He was so high up I had to use a step stool to get close enough.
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