Seriously blergh!

Survived turning 48. Spent most of Friday re-doing my shop web page expanding out the pages and tweaking the look. Still needs a bit of work. Some of the php isn't working quite the way I want it, so will need to figure out why and tweak it some more.

Friday night the coven got together for a Lammas rit. It was short and sweet and we all had a good time hanging out.

Saturday turned out pretty nice. Took Ms Ella to Palouse Pride. Got lots of pictures.

Palouse Pride '09

Ms Ella at Palouse Pride '09

Kind of over did it tho, by the time I got home my knees were screaming. Did some pain meds and muscle relaxants and that barely put a dent in it. But I had lots of fun and Ms Ella got lots of smiles, so she was happy.

Sunday puttered about a bit, hit Winco to pick up some breakfast stuff and ingredients to make something to take to the pool party. Decided on sauteed onions with paprika and Mexican blend cheese:

Cheesy onions

Kind of a cheesy onion dip or a very yummy side to chicken or beef. I took crackers to go with it. It is a variation on my dad's onion stuffed onions without the crackers and being stuffed into onion bowls. It was a hit at the party.

Took Ms Ella along, dressed her in my spare swim suit and she hung about the pool:

Ms Ella at the pool

The hubby hadn't been feeling good, so he didn't go. By the time I got home, he was wanting pizza, so I called in an order to Papa Murphy's for a Big Murphy stuffed pizza, popped out to get it and we had a late dinner. Lunch to day is going to be yummy. Papa Murphy pizzas reheat nicely.

Got to bed rather late last night, so this morning was a very rude shock. I really do need to put daylight bulbs into the florescent lamp. That really hurt when it came on and my eyes were closed! Then again, it was Monday morning, so what should I expect.

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