I have very strange kitties

Of course some people will say all kitties are strange, but mine tend to be stranger then most. I had Patches who loved to play fetch with milk rings and would eat the pineapple of a pineapple and ham pizza, then there was KiKi who adored Doritos (the spicier the better) and now Rum Tum tried to mug me for a packet of jalapeno processed food stuff last night.

A friend gave hubby a box of MREs so we decided to open one last night. He'd gotten some from the friend previously so I've tried a couple of them to see if they are as bad as people complain about them. They are surprisingly good considering. The one we had last night was chicken in salsa with fried rice (at least it was called fried rice, which was about as close to fried rice as it was going to get), the aforementioned jalapeno cheese stuff, "patriotic" cookies, a packet of M&Ms, a slice of snack bread and the usual other things in a MRE package.

I hadn't even gotten the cheese stuff opened before Rum Tum pounced to get his nose up to it and start licking it. So I figured, well, he's asking for it and gave him a tiny bit figuring he'll take one lick and back off.


Nope, he wanted more. I didn't let him have too much since I was finding it to be rather yummy and I'm not much for jalapeno cheese anything. It was pretty good on the bread thingy and really good on snack crackers with Italian sausage and sharp Tillamook cheese melted on top.

I decided to grab the camera to get some pics of him with this stuff and of course he wouldn't cooperate, so I headed back to the kitchen with him a head of me. He'd get a few steps ahead, stop, turn and hiss at me. All the way to the kitchen! He decided he would head for the front door, so I followed to let him out and he kept hissing at me!

Silly cat. Still not sure if he was hissing because the jalapenos caught up with him or he was pissed that I wouldn't let him have all of it LOL!

Oh well, cats, just gotta love them hehehehehe!
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