Went to bed with a headache, kept waking up with it and still have it. It is one of those headaches that are right behind the eyes. Took some ibuprofen this morning and had some coffee, not helping much. Hopefully it will go away. Oh well, it's Monday, so this isn't surprising.

Got some of the hallway carpet ripped out. Still need to pull up the rest of it and then take staples and tack strips out. Didn't get a whole lot of housework done this weekend. Oh well.

Wasn't quite as hot yesterday as the day before, but I was still pretty wiped. Ended up hiding out in the bedroom again for a while and napped. Ya know, hubby keeps talking Alaska, that is beginning to sound good.

Finally made the refried beans. Used this recipe from Simply Recipes. Turned out very yummy. Made a nice big batch, so I'll have plenty for the week. Made some fried tacos with them last night once it finally cooled off. Quite yummy.

Been doing pretty well going meatless. I'll look at adding it back in later this week to see what happens. Part of the problem may be I am not doing at all well with the heat and meat is just too much for my system. We'll see.

The hubby had a craving for sausage mcmuffins yesterday, but we didn't want to pay MickyD's prices, so I hit Winco and picked up what I needed to make out own. Since I am not doing meat, I picked up some portobello mushroom garden burgers for mine. I pressed out sausage patties using one of the hamburger presses I got and fried those up. I cut the bottoms out of a couple water chestnut tins I had in my recycling bins and used those for making the eggs. I'd looked for cookie cutters or biscuit cutters, but all the ones I found had handles or were made of plastic.

I'd picked up English muffins and then assembled the sandwiches and added cheese. They were very yummy. I kind of cheated with mine, there was leftover sausage grease on the skillet, so I cooked my garden burgers in that LOL. I plan on making a bunch of these and freeze them so hubby can grab one from the freezer and heat them in the microwave for a quite breakfast or lunch any time he wants.

Homemade McMuffin