I SERIOUSLY love my hubby

The sneak got me out to the Eastside Mall last night on a ruse and surprised me with tickets to the 6:20 showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


I LOVED it. Okay, they did leave things out, added a couple other things and I wish it would have been longer so they wouldn't have had to cut stuff out, but I still loved it. I SOOOOOO can't wait for the final films. As soon as HP6 comes out on DVD I am getting my hands on it as there were times I kept wanting to pause and rewind and watch something in slow-mo LOL.

Needless to say, I am one tired kitten today. After the movie we still had to go out and get kitty food (or else we would have been in serious trouble when we got home) and stuff for dinner. So by the time we got home, got dinner and watched a bit of TV, it was 11:30pm by the time we got to bed. 6am was WAYYYYYY too early this morning.

Speaking of dinner, I'm off meat for a while. For some reason beef and pork are not agreeing with me at the moment, so I'm going veggie with some fish for a while. Not sure about chicken yet, will have to see. I'll look at doing up a big batch of refritos this weekend so I can make burritos for lunches and such. I pulled out some spaghetti sauce with crimini mushrooms from the freezer for dinner last night and I have leftovers for lunch today. Not sure as yet what I'll do for dinner tonight. Probably fish for me and something for the hubby.

Sales at Purple Ducky Designs are still ticking along. I've made more sales in the 3 months I have been at Zazzle then I did in the first 10 months when I was at CafeMess. One thing I really love about Zazzle is they have it set so I can check to see what I am selling has been looked at in the marketplace. So it is good to see people are finding my stuff when doing marketplace searches.

Looking forward to a low key weekend, tho with luck I will have the compressor out so I can start playing with the paint sprayer. I do want to get the trailer painted soon.
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