A good weekend was had by all, or at least by me LOL!

So we FINALLY got the boat into the water on Friday. Almost didn't as the hitch decided to get cranky and not latch. Suitable application of WD40 and a sledge hammer solved the problem. We thought for a bit we were going to have to go out and buy a new hitch.

Da Boat

Da Boat

Got out there about noon and spent the rest of the day. Left anything that had the time on it in the car, so it was really nice not knowing what time it was. We decided to come home when we started getting tired, even tho at that point I hadn't gotten my limit, but I kept my line out while we headed back to the dock (hubby had limited out about a half hour before). I caught my 6th trout about 50 feet from the dock, so I was a happy camper.

Friday's catch

We also caught several bluegill, so I got to use my electric filleting knife on them. That thing is tricky to use. Have to practice with it more. I had 3 of the trout for dinner and pan fried the bluegill fillets and shared those with hubby. He doesn't like most fish, but he does like the bluegill.

We'd been very liberal with the sunscreen, but I still managed to get burnt in a couple of places. Not badly, a couple applications of green goop did the job.

We'd planned on going back out on Saturday and it would be my turn to pilot the boat, but we woke up and realized we'd overdone it on Friday. Not used to all that sun. So we took it easy. Hubby wanted french toast for breakfast and since I didn't have enough eggs, ran out to the store.

Picked up eggs, more bread, bacon, steaks and corn on the cob grilled on the gas grill for dinner. We ended up having french toast and bacon for lunch:


I was going to use regular sandwich bread, but since I had a baguette from Safeway I decided to try something different. Came out quite tasty, esp topped with butter from New Zealand.

Sunday ended up being a putter around the house day. Got up and watched Saturday night's race, I wish Jeff had won, but I'll settle for Mark Martin winning since I like him also.

Got most of the recycling rounded up and into the utility trailer for a trip to the center this next weekend. Had planned on playing around with the compressor and paint sprayer, but it was a bit too humid yesterday. With luck I can try it this next weekend. If we get it figured out, then it will be rent a pressure washer and paint the trailer the first good weekend.

Finally rained last evening. The thunder and lighting was pretty cool, tho we had one thunderclap that scared Phoebe and Scrapper. Rained on and off over night and Scrapper came in soaking wet TWICE to come snuggle up with me. Silly cat.

Did wilted greens for dinner last night. I'd gotten some criminis, sliced them and sauteed them in the leftover bacon grease, added back the bacon, then the balsamic vinegar and splenda and let it simmer. Then tossed it over a big bowl of greens and YUM!!! No pics tho, was too hungry LOL.

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