Going to be hot again today - BLECH!!!!!!

I Am NOT dealing with heat like I used to. When I was younger, I played softball during the summer in California in 90+ temps while wearing a sweat jacket and the heat never bother me. Now, it hits 85F, I want to strip to nothing and sit in cold water. Makes getting things done a problem.

I have to do laundry today and I am not looking forward to running the dryer. I'm considering running up a clothes line, but I don't have the energy today to really do that.

Woke up yesterday to find the car battery dead. The neighbors had called Thursday night to let us know our parking lights were on, but we were crashed out in the bedroom with the AC on and watching Darkwing Duck on DVD, so we didn't get the messages until the morning. So we hooked up the battery to a jumper box/charger we have and waited until the car would start. Took a while, but finally got it going.

We were supposed to run some errands in the morning, but that didn't happen. We have a friend who is moving here and just bought a trailer and we had offered to help paint, so we did get the car running in time to do that. I must say tho, hot weather does help the paint dry faster.

Picked up pizza for dinner and came home and hid out in the bedroom again with the AC. Since I am off meat for a while (except fish, fish seems to be fine. Had a fishwich from MickyD's yesterday and everything was fine) I got 'shrooms on my pizza instead of pepperoni.

Probably should get some puttering done while the house is still relatively cool. Really do need to see about installing the bit AC unit somewhere. It would be best installed in the wall, but that will require some destruction and construction. May just look at taking out a window for the season and permanently installing it next year.

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