Better, some

Got off work yesterday, went home and popped some AC&C and crawled into bed. When I finally got up the headache had receded to where I really didn't notice it anymore. I think I may have been attempting a full blown migraine. I had been feeling a wee bit nauseous before going to bed.

Took it easy the rest of the evening, just did plain spaghetti with olive oil and Parmesan for dinner. Didn't want anything heavy or anything that would hurt if it decided to come back up. When it was bed time, I popped a couple more AC&C as the headache was attempting a come back.

Woke up this morning with a tiny sore throat, a wee bit of a headache and my sinuses being a little cranky. So I popped a loratadine in case this is all allergy related and a couple more ibuprofen. Decided I needed a cup of coffee as the extra caffeine probably wouldn't hurt.

The hubby wasn't feeling up to snuff this morning, so I drove into work. I'll head home at lunch to see if he is feeling better and then he can have the car this afternoon. I'm thinking lunch will be some warmed up flour tortillas with refritos and cheese.

Going to be warm again today, forecasting a high of 92F. The heat has caused my spinach to bolt, even tho it wasn't more then a couple inches tall. Oh well, just have to wait for cool fall weather get get more greens going. My potatoes seem to be doing pretty good. Can't wait to see how that experiment worked out. My tomato plants are still ticking along, the heat seems to be helping a bit, the one little plant doubled in height in the last couple of days. Just need to keep them watered and with luck I can get some tomatoes from them before the cold weather comes in. Since they are int he ground, I can't bring them in like i did with the two plants I had last year.
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