Just realised tho, I've only 3 more Fridays off before school starts again.


Oh well, just need to save up my time off again so I can take Fridays off again next summer.

So just doing a little puttering around today. Got one load of laundry going and a load of dishes done. At some point I need to work on cleaning out the fridge and either binning stuff or hauling compostables out to the compost bin.

Speaking of compost bin, I really need to empty out the little one on the deck. Have to see if I can drag it into the wheelbarrow and then out around back.

Brewed a nice batch of tea this morning. Used 4 regular tea bags and 2 double spice chai tea bags. Just the right amount of chai spice for a 32 cup batch. It makes killer ice tea.

Haven't been doing the Friday Zazzle finds. Been a bit lax on that. I'll get back to doing that in the next week or so. Been spending spare time working on web pages and designs for my shop. Just have to find time to surf Zazzle for interesting shops to post.

Jeeze, just looked at our thermometer and it is reading 93F outside. Let's see what the airport says.....airport is currently reading 88F, so not too surprised, we tend to be a few degrees off their temps any given time. Temp in the house is currently 85F. Got the fans running like crazy. Really do need to see about installing the big AC unit into the living room at some point.

Well, if I am going to get anything done out on the deck I should probably start putter now and get what I can done and then wait until it cools off again later tonight.

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