Oy! A Weekend like that I can do without!

Not a bad weekend, just that my aunt ended up in hospital Friday night after falling and hitting her head. She'd gotten weak while she was out at a sorority thing with my mom, so we met them at Gritman emergency. They would only let one person in at a time, so mom and I took turns going in.

We eventually went home as it was going to be a while before they could get my aunt a bed upstairs. They didn't get her transferred until 2am. Mom called the next morning to say the doctors wanted her transferred up to Sacred Heart for a pacemaker. My aunt put her foot down at being transferred by ambulance as mom could drive her. So the hubby and I hopped in our car to go with.

We met mom at the hospital and up to my aunt's room, where we waited while they got her ready for discharge. Mom went to get the car, I helped the nurse bring Peg down and hubby took off to get a bite to eat. We met up at in the parking lot of the Best Western and off we went. Hubby gave me one of the walkie talkies we have so we could keep in communication. Lots easier then relying on cells.

We made good time to Sacred Heart. Pulled up out front and I called the floor where my aunt was to be admitted and a nurse came down with a wheelchair as the doctor didn't want her walking in case she fell again.

So long story shortened, my aunt had a procedure done a few months ago to correct a fibrillation in her heart and it looks like it is back. Haven't heard from mom today, so not sure if they are putting in a pacemaker or not. She'd had a similar falling episode a few weeks back, but that was on carpeted floor and she hadn't been injured. She is a bit peeved since her doctor had told her a week ago that her heart was fine.

So now we wait for news. I have to say, after all the time I've spent in Gritman (usually visiting) and this first time at Sacred Heart, I prefer Gritman over all. Not only is the ambiance at Gritman nicer, but they have free coffee and tea (and the occasional goody) in the waiting rooms. Wasn't terribly impressed with the one nurse who was admitting my aunt to Sacred Heart. She was on the portable computer with her back turned and talking to her across the room (double occupancy, there was another lady in the other bed, tho the curtain was pulled). At least Sacred Heart does have a good reputation for heart matters, so that is a plus.

Mom still had more sorority stuff to do and my aunt wanted her to do it. So we drove back (after lunch at a McDuck's where my mom locked her keys in the car and we had to wait for AAA) and mom did the dinner thing and then Sunday morning did the breakfast at the house and checked out of the hotel. She stopped by for a bit to visit and my brother called and everyone got to talk to each other. Mom took off for Spokane and we planned on going fishing.

The good thing is the boat is now all tagged, the bad thing is the heat got to us before we could go anywhere and we stayed home. But since the boat is ready and all the gear is in the car, we are going out tonight after work. So will have pics of the boat in the water and with luck, pics of yummy fish awaiting being popped into the skillet for dinner.

I did manage to get some gardening done in between hospital trips. Got the tomatoes in the ground last night and got everything watered. The rain barrel is working out nicely. Now we just need rain each week to keep it filled. I do need to get more barrels and get them daisy chained so I have lots of water.

Made meatballs last night. Baked them and then into the freezer. I'll get them bagged sometime tonight. Picked up ingredients to make veggie pot stickers, so will work on those later this week. We haul all the ingredients out to the coffee table and assemble things while watching TV, so it goes fast. I love pot stickers and all, but they are time consuming to make.

Soaked some dried chickpeas yesterday and made hummus. I think I needed to soak them longer as the texture is still a little crunchy, but it isn't bad. Very tasty and handy. I'm planning on soaking up some pinto beans and making my own refritos, so i can divvy that up and freeze for sides and what not.

BTW, I am now fully in the 21st century. The hubby gave me his old Bluetooth as it works with my cell:


I'm still not quite used to it, I have to switch ears because they start to hurt after a while with it in. But it is handy to have so I can drive and still answer the phone. Without it I pull over and then have to call whoever it was back as they usually hang up before I can find a safe place to park.

So here is hoping this week and coming weekend is nice and quiet.

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