Seriously good eats!

If you happen to be in the Moscow-Pullman area between the hours of 6am and 2pm, I recommend you run, don't walk to Tam's Place in Pullman. Located on the Moscow Pullman Hwy across from WSU it is a wonderful little mom and pop family restaurant.

Hubby took me out to lunch today and I am still making happy noises from lunch. They make an absolutely too die for prime rib sandwich with au jus. It is topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms and served with horseradish (tho I don't like horseradish, I tried a taste. It certainly gets your attention and if I liked it, would have eaten it).

The prime rib was tender, melt in your mouth, just the right level of rare and flavorful. The roll it came on was soft and soaked up the au jus quite nicely and didn't distract from the prime rib.

I opted for soup instead of salad or fries. Today's soup was cream of potato. I was expecting a cup, instead got a nice bowl.


Nice chucks of potato, ham and carrot, seasoned just perfectly with pepper, it made a nice starter.

Between the soup and sandwich (and some of hubby's fries. He got the ham and cheese charbroiled burger) I have an extremely happy tummy and taste buds that jump for joy at the thought of having breakfast or lunch there again LOL

We mentioned to the waitress we wished they were open for dinner and she said that may be a possibility come this fall. If so I know where we will be eating out over in Pullman!

Sorry no pictures, I'd left the camera at home (silly me), but will take it next time we head for Tam's as the food looks as good as it tastes.

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