Way too nice outside

Getting the urge to get out and play in the dirt, tho at my place it would be more like playing in the mud. Still pretty wet, so didn't get any seeds in the ground. Just getting to my garden space meant very wet shoes from walking thru the lawn. I did get some straightening up done outside on Saturday so I got some thing done.

Car went back into the shop on Saturday. We'd gotten it back and the clutch was a bit sticky, being new they said it would need a bit of running in. But on Saturday the pedal decided it was not going to come back up when pushed in without a fight. It got so bad hubby ended up popping the clutch rather violently several times while we were going up 21st St in Lewiston after we'd stopped for a light. He ended up tying a piece of parachute cord over the pedal so he could pull it up by hand so we could get home.

Called a neighbor to meet us at the mechanics, so we dropped the car off and left a note with the keys. Hubby heard back from the mechanic this morning. At first he couldn't get it to do what it was doing, until things warmed up a bit, THEN he started having the problems. Seems one of the hoses that came with the new clutch was defective, in fact had been recalled. So he was going to get a new one installed and hubby will have the car back soon. Got a ride in with my co-worker again.

Speaking of neighbors, later that evening we heard a knock on the door and I opened up to her standing there with a very dead rabbit in hand. Seems my dear Scrapper kitty is quite the hunter, the darned rabbit was almost half his size. No tears shed over said rabbit tho, it was the one that has been eating flowers and such in gardens.

I checked the bunny out, was giving serious consideration of skinning it and trying my hand at rabbit stew, but the bunny was colder then I thought was good, so we gave it back to Scrapper and the other kitties. What was left of the corpse the next morning was flung into the field for what ever wildlife out there might be interested in it. It was gone when I came into work this morning.

We did get some shopping done on Saturday, hit Costco and the usual shops. Picked up more goat milk cheddar cheese at the Grocery Outlet. They didn't have any of the other cheese I usually get, so that was a cheap stop LOL. Luckily I still had some of the soft goat milk cheese as we'd picked up bagels at Costco, so I had a lovely toasted Parmesan cheese bagel with goat cheese. YUM!!!!!!

Sunday I decided to split a couple bagels, cheese for me and onion for him and then topped with with scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese and then popped under the broiler until the cheese melted. I'd also pre-toasted the bagels before topping them.

As you can see from yesterday's post, I was a happy camper after the race. Good race and while Jr didn't finish as well as I would have liked, glad all my guys did good and was esp happy for Jeff. Not only did he break his win-less streak, he did at one of the tracks he's not won at before. Going to be bummed there is no race next weekend, but it is Easter, so they get the weekend off to spend it with their families.

Speaking of Easter, hams should be going on serious sale soon, so have to see how many I can snag to stash in the deep freeze. I'll have to do a bit of clearing out, but I think there is some stuff that has been in there too long. Need to grab more eggs also.

I've now got 4 tomato seedlings up, just one container of regular tomatoes. I am hoping the rest aren't too far behind. I would like to have my own starts, but I may have to pick up some from a nursery if more don't start making an appearance. I was going to have to get cherry tomato and roma starts as is, I loved the brandywines and the Black Russians I had last year and really wanted more of those this year. May have to see if my friends who gave me the Black Russians last year have any extra starts I can buy off them.
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