Never judge a book by it's cover

Came across this video of Susan Boyle, a contestant on Britain's "Britain's Got Talent" show via Sandy at Junkfood Science. Most talent shows and such seem to think only people who conform to the narrow standard of beauty and size can possibly have any talent and not only was the audience twittering at this not beautiful person in their eye who's dream was to be like Elaine Page, but so were the judges (Simon Cowell being one, him I was not at all surprised about from comments he is constantly making on American Idol about people's looks and how they aren't Idol material, even when they got great talent).

I wish I could embed the vid, but none of the decent quality videos had embed codes available. But click the link and grab the tissues. Susan is great. Better then great, I wish I could sing a fraction as good as her. And the look on Simon's face when she sang her first note was priceless.

ETA: Thanks to Jim at Country Comes to Town, here is the vid via Yahoo:

In other news, it's Monday. ICK!!!!!!!!!!

My tomato seedlings are all (well, so far almost all) finally making themselves known. I have seedlings of all three varieties up and I am hoping the seeds that haven't made an appearance will do so soon so I can hopefully have LOTS to plant.

My seedlings are coming up


Didn't get outside this weekend to putter. When I was ready, it was raining and when it was nice, I had other stuff to do. Oh well, this weekend is supposed to be nice, so I will get out then. I do need to get a wire shelf cut down and then both halves mounted on the outside of the porch railings so I can get some small pots of plants and flowers planted.

Baked the ham on Saturday, so I now have a ham bone stashed in the deep freeze. I've another one in there from a previous ham. I may pop the two of them into a pot to make a super rich ham stock I can then stash back in the freezer for future use. Needless to say, today's lunch is toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.

Tried an MRE yesterday. We have a friend who has access to them as surplus and has given us quite a few so we have some stashed for what ever. This one was BBQ pork "ribs" and clam chowder, some bread, cheese stuff and a darned good toffee crunch cookie. Had fun figuring out the heating mechanism, but once I did, managed to get both items needing to be heated hot with just the one heater thingy.

I must say, they weren't that bad, tho the clam chowder had a taste to it I didn't care for. Not sure if it was from the pouch or the clams. Since I don't like clams and really don't eat clam chowder I don't know why it tasted as it did. Hubby didn't notice anything, just that is tasted more peppery for his tastes.

All in all, if we were stuck having to use them it wouldn't be too unpleasant an experience.

Still enjoying the goodies from England. Took the Cadbury's Egghead hollow egg to a friend's yesterday for potluck. I also took along one of the goat milk cheddar cheeses I had picked up last time in Lewiston. Someone else brought a goat cheese Brie that was too die for. They picked it up at the Co-op and I may have to by one of my own sometime. A bit pricey at $8 for the size, but for a special treat once in a while would be worth it.
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