How they find me

I like to periodically check my stats to see what search terms people are using to end up at my blog. Here are some of the more interesting ones (my comments in parenthesis):

lewis the orange cat with purple hair holding a sign (this I would love to see LOL)
archie mcphee fortune cookies (if you haven't been to the store or their site, you gotta go)
lady getting oral sex by cat (EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
still crazy for you crazy cats & yumming
oster orgasim (I don't think I want to know)
free sex cathouse
cats house sex
the cat house porn (2 times)
formal porn (as opposed to informal?)
photography shooting sex
sex between cats
cathouse the series clips trailers
where can i live with 5 cats and a purple house? (Idaho!)
idaho cat houses
cat im a kitty cat video
cathouse porn
dangerous cake (isn't all cake dangerous?)
formal dinner 63 peolple one seating
cat wednesday (2 times)
cat house tee shirt (I'm gettign an idea for a t-shirt hehehehe)
cat house porn
shooting cat ring tone
nearest cat house to washington state (2 times)
cat womens boobys just her
look at what they do in the cat house
max cathouse porn
lawdog files collection (2 times)(again, if you haven't experienced Lawdog, go now. I do recommend keeping all beverages and food away while reading some of his funnier stuff)
cathouse sex
electricity crystals hornet spray (an interesting search string)
porne wed
cathouse sex
cat shooting
cats shooting people
cat house porn
sex between cats

Lots of searches for sex, porn, cats, cat sex and cat houses. Sometimes you just gotta wonder about people LOL.

So doing designs with Hippie Dippy Hippie for my shop turned out pretty good. Uploaded the designs this weekend and they are already selling. So I need to work on more. He is just so fun and cute to do and the variations are endless.

Lost another goldfish yesterday. The one that had been looking poorly finally went to that great big aquarium in the sky. When we talked to the guy over at Barnacle Bill's, he was surprised that I had them for so long. I guess feeder goldfish tend not to live long (of course if they are being raised as food they won't). When I was a kid I used to get goldfish at the fair or other places they give them out as prizes and they usually died withing a couple weeks, but then again they were stuck in a goldfish bowl, not a proper aquarium with heat, bubblers and filters and lots of space to swim around.

But Nelson, the biggest one who is a bit of a bully, is still looking fine. In fact his color is a nice deep shiny orange gold. The other two were much paler, so I wonder if they hadn't been doing well in the first place. He seems to be doing okay without the other two so far. I probably won't get him a companion since the tank will be easier to take care of with only one goldfish in it.

Still car-less today. Not only was the clutch going, the head gaskets had blown, so having the clutch problems saved the engine. But it means more money, tho we save some by having both fixed at the same time. The parts had come in early and we'd hoped to have it back yesterday, but it took longer then expected, so we get it sometime today. Not having a car sucks. Luckily I have a friend who works here who works similar hours so he's been giving me lifts to and from.

Not much planned this weekend. I am hoping it will be warm and dry enough to stick some seeds in the ground. If not I'll have to wait til next weekend. I just may plant some sweet peas and see what happens tho. They tend to be pretty hardy seeds.

Speaking of seeds, I've got some regular tomatoes sprouting. Just one starter pots so far, but I am hoping the rest are not too far behind. I am looking forward to LOTS of tomatoes this year.

Ended up having steak for dinner. Hubby wanted something more then chili, so we'll have the chili this weekend sometime as we want to go out for dinner tonight for a change.

Need to do some grocery shopping as I am getting low on a lot of stuff (meat for one) and I want to pick up more stuff so I can do veggie meals and semi-veggie meals with the assorted beans I have on hand. Still working on doing the artisan bread in 5 minutes on a regular basis. Can't quite get the right sized loaf of sandwich bread, I think I will have to double the size of the dough ball I use so I can get the height I want for the loaves.