Heaven! I'm in Heaven!!!!

Got home yesterday to find a package Marmitetoasty of TWADDLE everyday rubbish had sent me. A while back she had a contest where she put the names of people who commented on her blog into a drawing and my name was one of them.Hubby was completely surprised as I hadn't told him it was coming.


It is a good selection of goodies, esp all the Cadbury's deliciousness. I had to seriously restrain myself from ripping open wrappers and indulging in a chocolate orgasm LOL. But I decided I want to stretch the goodies out for as long as I can, so we had the Cadbury's Apricot Crumble Crunch for afters last night:


I got a giggle in regards to the flavors of potato chips (crisps) and actually look forward to trying them, tho I am not at all sure about Cajun Squirrel flavored potato chips:


I think I leave those for last. I will however try the marmite goodies.


I've never had either marmite or vegemite (Australia's version) and have only had it described to me. Usually in not very flattering terms by other Americans LOL. But if I can eat cod tongue in Newfoundland, I guess I can give this stuff a try. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hubby has laid claim on the Turkish Delight, but says he will share LOL.


Along with the edible goodies, she also sent a 1935 British penny:



Both hubby and I love foreign coinage and even better, old coinage. I am going to look for a mount for it so I can wear it as a pendant.

So I SOOOO am looking forward to after dinners for a while LOL!

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