Just a wee bit happy it's a new month LOL. Means that Spring is all the more closer and I am seriously getting the gardening itch. Because it is March I don't even mind that it is cold and rainy out.

Been a fairly non-productive day, slept in until about 10:30ish and have been on the computer since puttering about with stuff for my shop. The have new green t-shirts for the time being, hopefully they will continue them past St Patrick's Day since a lot of my designs look really good on them.

I have a new design in my shop, just for cat lovers:


I have managed to get some FLYing done, a bit of puttering about in the kitchen. Still have to do some laundry or else I'll be going to work nekkid this week LOL.

Waiting to watch the race, I managed to get an extra 90 minutes on it so hopefully the race is over before the recording stops. Hubby is napping so I am waiting until he gets up before watching it since he likes it too.

Didn't get any soup going, will just have to do with what I have made in the deep freeze, if I feel like hauling any out. I just may do tomato soup in a can and toasted cheese sammies for dinner tonight. Something easy and I already have the electric griddle out as I did french toast for breakfast this morning. I add a bit of vanilla and some spice, in this case a bit of pumpkin pie spice to the eggs and the toast came out very yummy.
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