The hubby surprised me again last night. I got home, puttered a bit getting dinner started and then went to sit and check my 'puter.

Imagine my surprise to finding a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet attatched to my Linux machine!

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, it wasn't the Bamboo Fun we'd wanted to get, but we are on a budget and hubby couldn't find one we could afford right now. So it is the basic Bamboo for now and I am having fun with it. Still having a bit of trouble getting it to run on Linux, hubby says he needs to upgrade me to Fedora 10. So in the meantime we do have it running on my Windoze machine and will install it on my laptop so I can take it with me.

In the meantime I am getting the hang of it, it is a lot better then the Genius tablet I tried out a week or so ago. Here are a couple quick drawings I've done in GIMP:



The 2nd one is a hippie dippy hippie I've been drawing for years. I think I got the basic idea from a friend way back when, but it was so long ago I can't remember who. Hippie Dippy Hippie is a fun little character to draw and I am looking forward to doing a whole lot more of him.

I still need to work on using it with Inkscape, but in the meantime I am going to be a busy, busy girl practicing with it and coming up with some designs and stuff to put in my CafePress shop Purple Ducky Designs

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