We aren't crazy! The stove IS possessed!

Our handyman friend finally made it by last night to look at our stove. It decided a couple weeks back to stop working properly. The burners would only work on high and medium high and the power outlet I plug things like my crock pot into also stopped working completely. In the past when this has done it we've pulled it out, unplugged it, opened up the back and poked around. Couldn't find anything wrong and put it all back together and once it was plugged back in, would work again.

So we told this to our friend and he checked it out. Fuses were good, he used the meter to check what he could. Pulled it out and poked and prodded and when we plugged it back in and fired it up, everything was working fine.

He thinks it is possessed. In the meantime he will be checking with his stove guru to see if he has any ideas. If need be we can have him come in and look at it and see if he can figure it out and finally get the darned thing fixed. Butane is expensive if I have to keep using my table top burner for all my stove top needs.

In the mean time I am happy to have a working stove again, it will make cooking a lot easier LOL.

Saw another definite sign of spring yesterday, the Naval ROTC people have switched over to whites. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM The only other uniform that looks better then whites is the Marine dress uniform. Okay, my bias is showing, I'm a Navy brat so sue me LOL.

The crop duster was also out near our place practicing, so spring is definitely here.

Hubby is having a bit of trouble getting me upgraded to Fedora 10, things are being cranky so it will be a bit before I can get my graphics tablet hooked up to my Linux machine. In the meantime I am still practicing what I can on the Windoze side of things. Still can't get it to work with Inkscape, so I am continuing to use GIMP.

Hubby picked up a couple deep dish pizzas from Winco last night, a Hawaiian and a pepperoni. I had just started to heat up the oven when our friend stopped by, so dinner was delayed a while so he could check out the stove. Not bad pizzas. Not terribly deep dish (I've had real Chicago deep dish), but for $6.95 each, pretty good. Needless to say, leftovers for lunch LOL.

Not much planned for this weekend, just some puttering around and going to the drag show tomorrow night. It has been a while since we've been out to one, so it will be nice to get out for the evening.

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