NOT FAIR!!!!!!!

I hate being sick. In retrospect going to work on Friday was probably not a good idea. At least today my sinuses have cleared up. My poor knows, er nose is chapped like crazy, even with using the puff kleenex with lotion. I went thru most of a box yesterday. Now I just need my lungs to stop gurgling when I breathe.

The snow is going away. it's been drizzling today and was rain last night. Temp is in the 40s, so that will help.

Got a Genius G-pen 4500 on loan to see if I like it. Tried it out for a little while on Friday night, haven't felt up to working with it much otherwise. I think a graphics tablet will work out once I get the ang of it. Problem it is doesn't work on Linux, so I have to use it on my Windoze machine. Oh well, it we decide to get it I can do my graphics on the windoze side and then port them over to Linux to finish up my designs. With luck I will feel better later to give it more of a try out.

Needless to say, with being sick this weekend I haven't done squat, which is driving me nuts. As much as I like being lazy., I prefer to be lazy from choice, not because I have the crud. I seriously hope I am feeling better by tomorrow so I can get back to work this week.
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