It's Monday and it's snowing.

At this stage I am ready to give up on seeing spring. Tho the snow is supposed to taper off by tomorrow, just in time for single digit over night temps. I am hoping the forecast for Friday is correct, supposed to get up to 45F.

So it snowed several times on the weekend, tho it didn't start until the afternoon on Saturday. We'd gone down to Lewiston shopping so it was almost warm enough to not need a jacket (but not quite). We hit snow once be got back to the top of the hill and it was really coming down by the time we got home.

Hit Costco and a couple other stores. Picked up some goat milk cheddar and some brie at the Grocery Outlet. Also picked up another tool magnet for the kitchen. For $3 for the 12" one I have a nice knife holder to join the 16" one I had put up previously. Now all the knives I use are handy and no block taking up valuable counter space:



Who needs expensive knife magnet holders

Total cost for the two was about $8. Which is half the cost of a 12" wooden one from a chain kitchen and bath store. They also fit in the color scheme of my kitchen quite nicely LOL.

Picked up some AP flour, so I have a batch of 5 minute sandwich dough going in the fridge. I'll bake a loaf tonight so we can have sandwiches this week. Still need to find a ocuple more containers so I can have more then one batch of dough going and also to store my flour in again since I am using that container for the dough at the moment. Also picked up more peanuts (YAY!!! Winco had peanuts again!) so I'll also get a fresh batch of peanut putter going.

Baked a pork blade roast yesterday, seasoned with some garlic seasoning and spicy brown mustard. Cooked it at 250F for the afternoon and it came out delish. I've enough for at least a couple more meals off of it.

A bit peeved about yesterday's race. I'd set the DVR for an extra 90 minutes of record time and we STILL missed the last 12 laps of the race. Thank the Ghodz they actually put the end of the race on the NASCAR site so we could see it. But I am not sure what the heck it going on. I know the pre-race show is part of the scheduled time on the grid, but is it running over time or is the race late to start and then add in cautions and I can't get all the race recorded? I guess we will have to start start manually recording the races with a manual stop as we didn't have this problem last year with races that didn't involve long red flag stops due to weather or bad crashes.


But we have a new snack tradition for race day. Breakfast link sausages wrapped up in crescent rolls and baked. A nice variation is to add Monteray Jack cheese. We've been getting Pillsbury garlic butter crescent rolls on sale. I pulled a couple of recipes for making my own crescent roll dough of the web, so will look at doing that since it will be cheaper in the long run. I'll look at making the snausage rolls up in big batches and freezing them so all I have to do is pull them out on race day and thaw and heat so I can spend more time in the living room watching the race instead of in the kitchen watching it via the big mirror.

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