Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Everyone have their black kitty ready? LOL

So I made it back to work, the cough is manageable, I can at least cough without my eyeballs falling out. Right now the most annoying thing is the sinuses. I've popped an antihistamine (can't do pseudonephrine) and while it is drying up the sinuses some, it is also giving me a headache that just won't go away, even with aspirin.


Now if only my ears would stop stuffing up when I blow my knows. It is very irritating.

So it is Friday, I suppose I could have stayed home one more day, but then I would have started bouncing off the walls. I hate being stuck at home doing nothing (remember the fun I had last year with my knee surgery?). So I came to work. Thankfully spring break starts this weekend and it is quiet.

Fingers crossed we'll hit the 40F temps they are predicting, I really want this snow to melt and the weather warm up again. I am getting desperate to take the inserts out of the windows and open up the house to let spring in.

No plans for the weekend, just getting lots more rest and some FLYing done. Being sick has kind of thrown a wrench into my routines and I am a bit behind on some things.

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