At least the sun is shining this morning

I was not happy with the snow this weekend, it's planting time and snow makes it very difficult to do it. I really want to get some of my cold weather greens and such into the ground. One of these years I will get a decent harvest of broccoli and I need to get the seeds in early.

Hubby got my Linux upgraded to Fedora 10 and my Wacom Bamboo tablet works like a dream on both GIMP and Inkscape. I spent a good part of Saturday figuring out what I can draw on which program and seeing which each works best at. So far things like my Hippie Dippy Hippie work best being rendered via GIMP and I can then import them into Inkscape for adding text and other elements.

Went to the drag show on Saturday. Had a good time. Dressed up a bit:


Got some pics of a couple of the performers:

Miss Claudia:

Dizzy Skyscraper, who had come up from Boise:

Stayed up way past my bedtime, but it was fun. I did get some video, tho it isn't the greatest since I didn't take my camcorder and used my digital still cam instead. It takes okay video, but wasn't the best for that venue. Next time I will remember to take the camcorder.

Very much enjoyed the race yesterday, a very exciting finish and Jimmy won and the rest of my guys had very respectable finishes. Made snausage rolls, that is now our official race day munchie for watching the race. I do need to make my own crescent roll dough and look at making them up a head of time and keeping them in the freezer so we can have easy munchies and I don't have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Didn't do a whole heck of a lot else besides getting more stuff up in my store and processing video and pictures. Did manage a bit of laundry and some dishes. Not much cooking to speak off, have to hit the Mexian market in Spokane the next time up, I am out of the Goya Adobo with bitter orange seasoning I like. Used the last on the pork I did for dinner last night that I served with saffron jasmine rice. Very yummy.

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