25 YEARS?!?!?!?!

Just got an email congratulating me on 25 years service here at the U. It's been that long already? Started school in 1979, worked while a student, then almost full time starting in 1984 and then full time permanent staff since 1990. Yup, 25 years.


I never imagined actually staying in one place that long. Of course I was planning a career in the National Park Service, so working in the circulation department of an academic library is a serious 180 from what I had planned for my life.

Regrets, not really. If I had gone on my hoped for career path I would not have the wonderful hubby I have now and all the great friends. Not to mention the wonderful fringe benefit of all the books I can read without having to pay for them LOL. Tho I do regret a little not having the fun of working in the great outdoors I had worked on a 4 year degree for.

Oh well, such is life. It would be boring otherwise hehehehehehe

So I made it back to work. Managed to sleep thru the night without coughing (once I stopped coughing and got to sleep). Sinuses behaved themselves and I actually felt a bit rested this morning. Still coughing a bit, but not as bad as I was. Don't feel like falling down when I do.

No big cooking plans or cleaning plans this week, just try and get back into living plans. I did manage to get some laundry tossed in the wash this morning, so we'll at least have some clean clothes LOL. As for cooking, hubby picked up a bunch of the family meat with gravy things, so dinners are easy. Just toss in the oven and then pour over bread and voila! open faced sammies.

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