Out with the old, in with the new

So, my poor little Nokia cell phone is dying and we finally decided to replace it. Tracfone had a really good deal on a Bluetooth compatible Motorola flip phone so I went with that. It arrived on Saturday:

Out with the old, in with the new

It isn't completely activated as when we first got the Tracfone we had to get a Pullman number. Hubby went to transfer my minutes to the new phone and we discovered that they no longer do Pullman for service, so I have to get a new sim card and get a Moscow number. Don't ask me why, since I've been using a Pullman number all this time, but this is techno stuff, so I will go okay and let hubby figure it out. It will be nice to have the same area code as home and hubby tho.

So until the new card gets here I have been familiarizing myself with the phone. It does have a camera which I really don't need since I carry a real one with me at all times, but I have discovered it is useful for wallpaper and screen savers for the phone. Since I have to give up my little ducky face plate, I figure photos of the kitties would make it nice to personalize the new phone. I can also set up a special ring tone for when hubby calls me.

Had a good weekend, just a little puttering about here and there. The car is parked for the time being. Needs the one wheel bearing replaced, so it goes in on Wednesday. Made a standing rib roast yesterday, have plenty for leftovers for dinner tonight.

Watched the race yesterday. Congrats Matt, but I was seriously bummed they couldn't race to the end of the race instead of being called for weather. Very exciting race tho and some really great driving.

Speaking of cooking, my stove is acting up again. The burners will only work on high and med high, which makes cooking very challenging. It isn't the fuses, the last time we pulled it out, poked at it and it worked. There has got to be a loose connection somewhere we cant' figure out. I'll just have to pull it out again and poke it some more, which will be a royal pain.

Adding more designs to Purple Ducky Designs. I've a new Ms Ella design up and several text designs. I'll be working on more today since I have the day off from work for Presidents Day.

It is definitely a Monday. Had a blood draw this morning and OW!!!!!!!! Normally the nurse has no problems getting blood out of me and fairly painlessly. Not today. She just could not get a vein properly in my arm and when she went for the back of my hand...OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She never hurts me there. It is usually in and out and other then a little pinch, no pain.

I hate Mondays.

At least I don't have to get more blood done for another 3 months. I go in this Wednesday to get the results.

I do need to see about making up several loaves of bread. We really like the artisan loaves from Safeway, but they can get pricey. I want to have several I can put the dough in the freezer and then pull one out and let it thaw and raise during the day and I can bake it for that night's dinner. I'll take a break in a little bit from designing to pull out my stand mixer and get at least a couple of loaves going. Prime rib sammmies on fresh artisan bread would make a very yummy dinner tonight.
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