It's finally Friday

and I am now firmly in the 21st century, whether I like it or not LOL

I finally have my new cell phone up and running. Hubby got it fully activated yesterday. I went thru my old cell (my plain, ordinary only makes phone calls and had a couple of games on it, cell phone with the pretty yellow ducky face plate) and transferred all my phone numbers over. Had to do it by hand as the ability to hook it up to a computer is disabled on it (bummer). I did go online and get a couple ring tones for it so I know when it is hubby calling me. I have one for when he calls from the home phone and another for when he calls me on his cell.

Motorola has a cell phone recycling program and there was an envelop to send my old one in to them. We'll see what there might be locally, tho the battery on it is pretty thrashed and won't hold a charge very long, so it might be better to send it off in hopes they can find a new battery that works and then they can donate it to a group to give it to someone who needs it for an emergency phone.

Haven't gotten around to making any bread from the bread book I checked out as yet. Haven't had the energy once I get home. So I will give it a go this weekend. For sure I am going to do the master recipe and then I think I will look at at least one other recipe to make flat breads with. I am still interested in that olive oil bread recipe I was looking at.

The car is now fixed. It took longer then expected as the wheel bearing was rusted to the axle, so it had to be sent out to have that separated elsewhere. I really don't want to know how much extra that is going to cost us. But it is done and the car is running a lot smoother. Should help on the gas mileage quite a bit also.

Foggy out today, kind of pretty, tho I would much prefer to see sunshine. I am really, really, REALLY in the need for spring before I go nuts. The need to digging in the dirt in my garden is starting to get overwhelming. I think I will see about getting an indoor herb garden going and see if that helps. Now I just have to figure out where where the kitties can get to it thinking it is there personal kitty green garden.

Not planning much this weekend, just putter about and bake bread.