Thank the Ghodz it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a week :P

On the upside Bush is gone and Obama is now in office. I am still hoping he proves me wrong in regards to not having what it takes to be president, but there are a few early signs that he just might do it. He's got a big mess to clean up and I hope he can.

On the downside it has felt like Monday all week for the most part, at least at work. Hopefully things will be better next week.

The beef jerky came out perfectly. I sliced the still mostly frozen London broil and then marinated it in Alton Brown's beef jerky marinade, tho I tweaked it a bit. I made a double recipe since I had two London broils and reduced the amount of liquid smoke called for and increased the honey by a half for a little sweeter taste. I also decreased the red pepper flakes so it wouldn't be quite as hot as the original recipe would be. Since the meat was so lean, I didn't have to trim much fat off of it and I can store it out of the fridge and not worry about it going off.

I think I will dedicate my Mr Coffee dehydrator to jerky making. It doesn't have a thermostat, so it dries on high when it is on. Great for meats, not so great for veggies and herbs. I'll use my American Harvester for everything else and then as a backup unit for jerky if the Mr Coffee is full.

For a change I don't need to do any grocery shopping this weekend. Might need to pick up a loaf of bread or two, but that is about it. I do need to hit the Coop and get refills for my Dr Bronner's soaps. Running low on both the peppermint and baby soap.

We are seriously loving NetFlix. We've been watching Space 1999 and the next round of DVDs will be more of the original Doctor Who with William Hartnell. It is really nice to be able to see all the shows I used to watch (or wanted to see but only showed in the UK at the time) when I was younger.

Not planning on doing much this weekend. Just some more puttering about in the house. I really do need to get my pantries organized again and start planning on ripping out the wall so I can combine the pantry with the front hall closet to make one big pantry. I also need to get working again on designs for my shop so I can get them added as soon as possible.