And no fog, even tho the NOAA weather site was predicting it this morning. So nice.

The week is puttering along and the students are trickling back into town. Classes start tomorrow and we will again play "avoid the students who dodge into the road in front of the car without looking". At least the ice is off the roads so we will actually have a chance to stop before we hit the twits. Of course, we would be at fault if they dodge out in front of us and we hit them. I really think the university should have a mandatory class in how to properly cross the road for every student at the beginning of every semester. If they then proceed to dodge out in front after completing the class, then they are automatically at fault and have to pay us for mental anguish and all that stuff.

I'm working on a new avenue for advertising Purple Ducky Designs. It is a lens on Squidoo, which is a site I am still trying to figure out. So my site there is still a work in progress, but up and running. It will be interesting to see if it actually brings traffic to my shop.

Went to the Chinese buffet last night for dinner. They have a new item out I hope they have on a regular basis. It was deep fried coconut baby shrimp and it was totally yummy.Had some of the spicy hot chicken and it was EXTRA spicy hot! Hopefully it was just that batch as I really like it, but last night it was a bit too much.

Need to pull that catfish I have in the deep freeze out to start thawing in the fridge. The formal dinner is this weekend and I am doing the fish course. Still need to finish deciding how to cook it. Blackened was mentioned, but I may look to see if there are other ways, such as poaching it or such.
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