Somewhat warmer today

and since there is snow on the ground, a good thing. When it all comes down to it, I'll take snow over extreme cold any day. At least I can still see my flamingos in the lawn!

Snow, again

It was a very pretty drive in this morning with the blue sky and the sun shining:

Snowy landscape

Trying an experiment. I usually don't eat breakfast, makes me feel icky. My dad had the same problem, not sure about the other relatives on his side of the family. It was a running battle with my mom growing up as she kept trying to get me to eat breakfast. I just loath having anything first thing in the morning, so once I went to college, was able to skip breakfast and settle for tea or coffee. I got an idea watching a show on the travel channel that was filmed in Asia, don't remember which country, but the host had soup for breakfast, so that got me to thinking.

I picked up some fermented soy bean paste at one of the Asian markets in Spokane last time up and hadn't really gotten around to using it. So last night I made a pot of soup (mostly for my dinner, my tummy was not terribly happy with me after lunch. I couldn't finish it I felt so bloated and it wasn't that big of a lunch) and I wanted something light. I picked up some crimini mushrooms at Safeway and went to it.

I put some water in a pot and added a seriously good sized dollop of the paste and let it simmer. I then added some soy sauce, roasted sesame oil, lime juice and a bit of rice vinegar (I was seriously winging this recipe). I sliced the 'shrooms and added those and let it simmer longer. I was going to add some rice sticks, but discovered I was out.

When it was ready I ladled some out into a big cup and MMMMMMMMMM tres delish. Not quite what I was aiming for (I really need to find a good miso soup recipe) but tasty in its own way.

So this morning I ladled some into a cup and nuked it and had it before I drank my tea. So far so good. No tummy aches, no wanting to curl up and crash and no feeling like I have a lead balloon in the bottom of my stomach. So I think I may have something I can have first thing in the morning that isn't just caffeine that will help me get thru the morning.

So now I am feeling fine and ready to finish yesterdays lunch which I stashed in the fridge in the staff lounge.

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