Problem with having a week off, it is hard to get up for work on Monday morning. Tho I worked yesterday afternoon as we didn't have enough student staff to cover the desk. Mostly quiet with a few brief bursts of activity.

Been adding more designs to my shop over the last few days. I've more in the works and now that it is holiday time, plan on getting Ms Ella out and about to get more pics of her and get those up in her section of the shop. I picked up a pair of antlers at the dollar store and she does look cute in them.

Thanksgiving was good, tho my brother didn't make it up as he had a bit of a car accident. He's fine, the car isn't. Bit of a bummer as we were looking forward to visiting with him. We did have a good visit with my mom. She flew back home on Saturday, tho we ended up driving her to the Spokane airport. For some reason her plane didn't land in Pullman as it was running low on fuel, so it went on to Lewiston and wasn't coming back. So she called us, luckily we were still out and about and picked her up and off we went.

The bird turned out great with the mead injections. Everything actually came out on time, so we had dinner when I'd planned on it. I've still lots of leftovers in the fridge I need to package up and put int he freezer. Between the turkey and the ham, we have plenty to work with. Not to mention a ton of dressing. After stuffing the bird, I had enough for two big pans, so I sliced up some crimini mushrooms I had left from the green bean casserole and added those to the dressing and then once the bird came out I added some broth from the neck and gizzards I'd simmered to add moisture and then baked them. So now hubby can't say there isn't enough stuffing/dressing LOL. I've some pics, still have to download them and get them posted.
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